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I am Geert Hofman (1961), a successful executive coach who has been working for more than twenty years with countless executives, managers, and professionals on four continents yet with a focus on Europe. With the publication of my novel "The Glass Dome" I guess I can now also be labeled an author. With my first compositions bein produced and with the first CD of Gallagher's Twin being released, I guess that officially makes me a composer and a musician as well. 

Fascinated by People

I've always been fascinated by people, although it has taken me a while before I could fully acknowledge that, strange as that may sound. Throughout my time at university and later on during the start of my career I got the same feedback time and again: I care about people. After I acknowledged that, a new and different world opened up. In the conversations with various people, I was struck by the apparent ease with which deeper lying themes surfaced. Especially when I was 'just' being present to the conversation, with undivided attention. The conversations about those deeper lying themes with the respective coachees always lead to a different awareness for them. More than just a few times new possibilities appeared on the radar that could not be seen prior to this jump in awareness. Each time leaving both of us with a feeling of awe and gratitude.


Another theme that has been on my mind ever since I was a young kid is that I choose to believe that, as mankind, we are finding ourselves in a process of transformation. A great breaking open in a rapidly changing world. Existing structures that I have been told would exist forever, are falling apart and I'm pretty sure this process of transformation has only just begun.

We're Unique, all of us

I choose to believe that each of us has a unique identity. I also choose to believe that we all have a personal destiny, or a calling or a higher purpose. Something which forms the reason why we're here. Once we start living that, a different life emerges where meaningfulness, significance, and fulfillment form the basis for a world that is being co-created across what we have come to experience as various kinds of traditional borders. Living our personal destiny and connecting with our innermost Self will prove to be a powerful compass in the turbulent times ahead of us.

My Mission

"I therefore see it as my mission to help as many people as possible to become the best version of themselves. To facilitate that they live the potential that wants to become manifest through them. Needless to say: I do not wish to convert anybody into believing something I think they should be believing. On the contrary, I can only invite you to listen to what is whispering to you in your life. What wants to happen? What is trying to make itself shown to you? It is up to you to experience the resonance when you are ready for it. It's up to you what you choose to believe and how you would want to incorporate that in your day-to-day life. Once we start walking our path together my commitment is to fully support you in realising your transformation."