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So, I am a Certified Transformational Presence Coach. Great! But how can that be of benefit to YOU?

First of all, I am not here to solve things for you. My role is to help you get to a position where you can successfully address any issue or question you may have. I won't tell you what to think but help you discover and practice different ways of thinking. 

Working with Transformational Presence, there are three starting points I work with:

  1. Life is energy in motion - and unfolding as part of something bigger
  2. Energy cannot be destroyed but only transformed
  3. The universe is built on a matrix of relationships.

One of the key questions for anyone in any situation is: How do you show up? In other words: how do you choose your relationship with the topic at hand? For instance if some challenge keeps popping up in your life, what is this situation trying to tell you? What is the hidden message? What is trying to get through to you? What is the potential of the situation? It's so worthwhile to explore this. This sounds very simple and honestly it is. However, often something interferes with this simplicity, which clouds the intention and then also the answer to the question how we show up. 

In our coaching that's exactly what we'll be working with. You'll learn to see yourself from a different perspective, which is and remains yours obviously. And the different perspective gives birth to new possibilities, new ways forward, new horizons, new strenghts. In other words: a new look on the relationship with your topic or topics.

Contact me to find out how Transformational Presence Coaching could serve you. Book a no-charge chemistry session to find how you can move forward, grow and feel better.

Normally, apart from "traditional" executive coaching, three packages are offered: Gold, Silver and Bronze. The main differences are the duration of the coaching and the intensity of our collaboration. Gold runs for nine to twelve months, Silver for six and bronze for three. Contact me to find out what package best fits your need and then we'll get started right away.